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Where it all began!

Gemma found herself a single mum, struggling to make ends meet and feed herself and her children, working and juggling childcare but getting no where.

Sometimes its at the lowest points that the biggest changes happen.

Gemma decided to do what she knew best and launched Beauty Haven.

Lots of long hours support from friends & family, especially her Mum and Dad has turned aspiration into reality.

Gemma went on to qualify as a Teacher/Trainer within the beauty industry and now offers a variety of training courses.

Whilst all of this had been a very uplifting and fulfilling time it just wasn't enough there was still something missing.

Gemma travelled to Brentwood in Essex and Trained with one of the Top Permanent Makeup Artists GMA Who Is a Trains around the world and is a global Permanent Makeup judge.

Gemma went on to Launch GLW Professional Makeup, offering clients one to one consultations, tailoring each treatment to the requirement of the individual, carefully pre-drawing each design until the client is 100% confident and happy.

This has all lead to the GLW Professional Permanent Makeup & Beauty Haven Training Academy

Gemma feels strongly that no single parent should struggle to put food on the table for their children and feel that society pushes them into jobs that require them to leave their children for long periods of time each day just to make ends meet. Gemma believes that being able to teach what she knows best will help families to live without poverty and allow parents to work around their children and earn an income that is tailored to them and to turn their dreams and aspirations into the unimaginable. no child should live in poverty.

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